The Right Approach to Education Staff

"I think the biggest value they get is the 1-1 time, and where they can focus on the strength and weakness of both children."  

- Jeff. H. (Parent)


Joshua Moussa

Josh was born and raised in the Bay area. He is currently enrolled at College of San Mateo with goals of transferring into an International Relations program on the East Coast.

Josh has always had a passion for leadership and participates in volunteering and community service whenever he can. He has loved teaching his whole life, especially helping his grandmother learn English as her third language. Josh loves fishing, listening to podcasts about politics or true crime, cooking, and watching sports.

Gabriel Flores


Math (K-8)


Attending CSM middle college as a high school student

Math (All Levels) and Physics


A.S. Mathematics & Physics, Foothill College

B.A. Mathematics, San Francisco State University (In-Progress)

Leanne Lui


Math (All-levels)

Test Prep



B.A in Mathematics, San Francisco State University (In-progress)

Office Assistant/Tutor

Charlie Westly

Charlie is a Bay Area native who discovered their passion for STEM at an early age. They enjoy puzzles and increasing their mathematical knowledge, but most of all they enjoy sharing their knowledge with others through teaching. Charlie has an AS in mathematics as well as physics from Foothill College, and is currently pursuing a BA in Mathematics for Teaching at San Francisco State University.

When not practicing math and physics, Charlie likes to listen to and play music. Their favorite instrument is the ukulele, but they are also learning to play the guitar, mandolin, and drums.

Leanne was born and raised in the Bay Area. She is currently enrolled at San Mateo High School and is a part of the Middle College Program at College of San Mateo. She plans to attend a 4-year college in Southern California to pursue her interest in Child Development.  When tutoring, Leanne enjoys working with optimistic students who desire to nurture their academic growth.

In her free time, Leanne enjoys playing soccer and exploring the great outdoors. She likes to go on new adventures with her friends and family and try exotic foods. Leanne currently volunteers at the SPCA and is an enthusiastic individual who enjoys meeting new people. She loves to watch movies, paint, nap, bake, go on walks, and spend quality time with her family.

Gabriel was born, raised, and still lives in San Francisco. He is currently enrolled at San Francisco State University, and is about a half year away from receiving his B.A in Mathematics (w/ concentration in teaching). His plans after school are to enroll in a credential program so that he may one day teach 6th -12th grade mathematics for a distinguished school in the San Francisco Unified School District. Gabriel has been passionate about teaching since entering high school, and has never considered a different career path. He wants to make math fun and relevant for all students.

In his free time, Gabriel enjoys volunteering for various organizations and is a true SF Bay Area sports fan! He roots for the SF Giants, Golden State Warriors, and 49ers, and he plays in different recreational baseball and basketball leagues. One day he’d love to be a coach, too! 


Office assistant, Tutor

K-12 math

San Mateo High School (in-progress)

College of San Mateo (in-progress)