The Right Approach to Education Staff

Math (All Levels) and Physics


B.S. Astrophysics, UC Santa Cruz


English, Reading, and Speech Pathology


B.A. Communication Disorders, Holy Names College
M.A. Communication Disorders (Speech Pathology), CSU Stanislaus
Special Education Credential, CSU Stanislaus
Wilson Reading System Certification / Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner

"I think the biggest value they get is the 1-1 time, and where they can focus on the strength and weakness of both children."  

- Jeff. H. (Parent)


Gina taught Special Education for 34 years in San Mateo and Palo Alto, and is now semi-retired. She is looking forward to continuing to teach reading for a few hours each week at TRA, and we are lucky to have her. When she is not teaching, Gina can be found working in her garden, taking long walks with her husband and three little dogs, and catching up on her reading.  

Gina Williams

Gabbie is a native "East Bay-er" with a wide range of educational experiences that feed into her own teaching methods. Having been diagnosed with ADD at 6 years old, and a visual-auditory-processing disorder, school was hit or miss with years spent in both the remedial and GATE or rapid learning class (sometimes concurrently.) However, she fought her way through and now holds a Bachelors of Science in AstroPhysics from UCSC, the top Astrophysics program in the country.

Gabbie's teaching philosophy is that every person learns differently, and she loves finding methods that work for each student. Gabbie believes everyone can learn and make sense of any concept or formula; the key is a teacher who can breakdown the jargon to everyday language and give concrete real world examples until the student not only "gets it" but could teach the concept from memory easily. Gabbie wants students to know that it does not matter if they have a learning disability, dyslexia, or just a good old fashioned hatred of numbers (and when there are letters mixed in with the numbers  [Surprised] ,) Gabbie has got their backs. She helps students find a pleasant way of learning math (maybe even fun!) and science that makes sense to them!

Gabbie has worked with students ages 9 to 71, from the formal classroom to individual tutoring, to online teaching/tutoring to outdoor education. Her passion for supporting students in math and science comes through with her sense of humor, intrinsic love of all math, and her philosophy that the more people comfortable with math and science the better the world will be!

Gabbie Blachman