What is the Right Approach?

"I’ve never seen my 7th grader so excited to show me her report card! Maria [TRA Teacher] and The Right Approach has given my daughter confidence in her ability to tackle challenging work, manage project timelines, change her mindset, and master middle school.
Thank you for helping her be AND feel successful!" ​- Kelly S. (Parent)

We teach K-12 students and lifelong learners in wide variety of subject areas. From test prep to subject support, our students receive high quality service from our fantastic, highly-qualified teachers and specialists. 

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Our teachers specialize in a variety of disciplines and teaching methodologies. We have specialists in math, English, foreign languages, technology, learning differences, test preparation and more! Watch a video about TRA Teacher, Kara: Link

The Right Approach to Education, LLC

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We seek to find the "right approach" for each child who walks through our doors. Through use of Waldorf inspired teaching practices, Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, observations, and reflection, we target areas of specific needs and teach students using a blend of traditional and alternative approaches.

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Message from TRA Founder

"The Right Approach to Education provides Waldorf inspired 1-1 and small group tutoring to students in grades K-12 and beyond.  We are a dedicated staff of credentialed teachers and specialists who work to understand the needs of each learner who walks through our doors.  We integrate all learning styles and teach through movement, visual aids, music, and hands-on activities.  This approach is so effective, we now work with students from over fifty Bay Area schools, and have helped over 800 families in not only academics but also test preparation and education consultation.  Have a look around our website, and be sure to add yourself to our contact lists.  Enjoy!" 

- Jamie Govoni Hobe, TRA Founder and Teacher

All of our services are performed by highly qualified instructors who adhere to the needs of the student. Each teacher individually develops a rich learning program that is specific to the needs of your child.

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