​Teacher, Administrative Assistant


​Math (all levels)


Kara Talledge

Kyle was born in Ohio, but grew up in the East Bay from age four. After finishing high school, Kyle went to SF State University where he studied plant biology. He then worked as a plant biologist for the US Forest Service near Yosemite National Park. Eventually, Kyle returned to SF State University where he earned a master’s degree in mathematics and spent several years teaching mathematics at SF State as a graduate student. In his free time, Kyle enjoys backpacking, disc golf, xbox, and stock market trading.  ​


Eric Elsea

Erika Stratz

Kara grew up in the Midwest where she gained her love of children and teaching. She earned her K-6 licensure in Elementary Education from Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota. She has a myriad of experience with students, including teaching in the classroom (grades 4, 5, and 6) and small group/1-1 tutoring. Her passion is establishing relationships with children of all ages, while discovering their interests and learning styles. Her greatest hope is to encourage and instill a love of learning, while finding strategies that allow students to feel the most successful they can be. In her free time, Kara enjoys yoga, nutrition, and spending time with her husband and son. They enjoy the outdoors, the beach, trying new foods, and cooking together. 


College Advisor, ​Teacher


B.A. History and Psychology, Stanford University

Doctorate of Jurisprudence, UC Davis Law School

Ainhoa grew up in Basque Country in a multicultural family, close to the ocean and the mountains. She studied Applied Foreign Languages in France and spent most of her adult life traveling the world, teaching adults and children to reconnect with their unique gifts through art, play and movement. She is passionate about cultivating holistic containers and diverse communities where human creativity can grow organically. Her experience as a teacher in a Waldorf inspired learning center in Mount Shasta has been a catalyst for providing a rich ground that helps reveal the natural wisdom and beauty present in each child. She believes in welcoming the true essence of the children so they can infuse the world with the seeds of tomorrow. 


Math (All Levels) and Physics, working with kids who "hate" math



​K-5 Subjects

​Spanish, French, and Mandarin


B.A. Elementary Education, Bethany Lutheran College​

Bridget Johns

Israel "Izzy" Chavez


B.S. Psychology, Santa Clara University

Professional Clear Multiple Subject Credential- College of Notre Dame


​Waldorf Teacher Training: Cedar Grove Center

Applied Foreign Languages: Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux III

Systems Design: DSS Coheart II of Buckminster Fuller Institute


K-7 All Subjects

Test Preparation: ISEE, HSPT

Kyle Bradach


​Math (All Levels), Physics

Erika is a Bay Area native, living with her family just a mile from where she grew up in San Carlos.  After graduating from Notre Dame High School, she studied psychology at Santa Clara University and received her elementary teaching credential from Notre Dame de Namur University.  She began her career teaching middle school science, then went on to run her own third grade classroom in La Honda for several years.  After starting a family, she job shared in kindergarten and first grade in San Carlos, tutored all ages, and later began teaching young children and supporting their parents at a co-op preschool.  When she's not sharing her love of learning with students, Erika loves catching sunrise and sunset, walking barefoot on the beach, reading, cooking, raising chickens, learning to garden, and spending time with family and friends. 

TRA Founder & CEO, Teacher


College Applications

​English (Grades 9-12)


Bridget was born and raised in the Bay Area and graduated from Aragon High School in 2018. She then received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with honors and a Bachelor of Arts in French from the University of Oregon in 2022. While studying psychology, Bridget completed a thesis on the effects of nutrition on infant brain development and how vitamin B1 deficiency can affect infant and adult cognitive functioning. She spent the past two years in Rodez, France, teaching English to children ages two to twelve. She will be going law school this fall at Hastings in San Francisco. In her spare time, Bridget loves hiking, reading, gardening, cooking, and practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

College Advisor, ​Teacher


B.A. Psychology, French University of Oregon​

Hastings School of Law (currently attending)

​Jamie Govoni Hobe



​A.S. Mathematics & Physics, Foothill College

​B.A. Mathematics, San Francisco State University 

Single Subject Math Teaching Credential (in-progress)

Ainhoa Feldmann

Christina González

Israel "Izzy" was born & raised in the Bay Area. He attended Aragon High School in San Mateo and then went on to College of San Mateo; however, he is now at SJSU in his final two years of his undergraduate program. In addition to his bachelor's, he is pursuing a minor in Computer Science. In addition to tutoring at TRA, Izzy is interning as an engineer at Structural Integrity. Izzy takes pride in his academic and professional journey because it has been challenging, and yet, he has overcome adversity and is the first in his family to pursue higher education and title. Izzy is excited to bring his  6+ years of experience tutoring math for all age groups. 


​B.A. in Mathematics, San Francisco State University

​B.A. in Ecology, San Francisco State University

M.A. in Mathematics, San Francisco State University

Gabbie is an East Bay native with a wide range of educational experiences. She was diagnosed with ADD and a visual-auditory-processing disorder at 6 years old. She spent many school years in both the remedial and GATE or rapid learning classes. However, she fought her way through and achieved a Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics from UCSC, the top Astrophysics program in the country.

Gabbie's teaching philosophy is that every person learns differently, and she loves finding methods that work for each student. She believes everyone can learn and make sense of any concept or formula with the proper help. Gabbie wants students to know that it does not matter if they have a learning disability, dyslexia, or just a good old fashioned hatred of numbers, she has got their backs. 
Gabbie has worked with students ages 9 to 71, from the formal classroom to individual tutoring, online tutoring, and even outdoor education. Her passion for supporting students in math and science comes through with her sense of humor, intrinsic love of all math, and her philosophy that the more people comfortable with math and science the better the world will be!

​Gabbie Blachman

Laureen has been an educator since the late ‘90s as a high school teacher, academic coach, writing tutor, substitute teacher, essay reader, and college professor. When asked about her teaching philosophy, she sums it up in two words: You matter! She believes in celebrating strengths, encouraging growth, and creating a space in which students know that their voices, goals, interests, experiences, and passions matter.

In her free time, Laureen loves hanging out with her kids (ages 23, 18, and 13), traveling, and hiking with her spouse and two pugs. She also likes to try new things and is currently learning to play guitar.

​Charlie Westly


Currently pursuing a B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering, San Jose State University


K-5 All Subjects

6-12 English 

​SAT/ACT Preparation


​English, Comprehension, Composition, Creative Writing, Test Prep, College Applications

College Advisor, ​Teacher

Christina was born and raised in the Bay Area. She attended Mercy High School in Burlingame and then went on to earn her B.A. in History and Psychology at Stanford University.  After completing her undergraduate degrees, Christina worked for a college preparation program for students who, like herself, would be the first in their families to attend college.  After almost four years of working with students and families, she went on to UC Davis School of Law where she earned her J.D. in 2008. Over the first five years of her career as an attorney she handled issues ranging from criminal law to labor and employment litigation in the private, public, and non-profit sectors. When not at TRA, she works for the federal government in civil rights enforcement matters. 

Christina spends her spare time with her partner and her three very active children ages 20, 11, and 10.  She loves to cook, travel, and dance to all types of music.



English (reading comprehension, critical thinking and analysis, writing)
Public Speaking and Debate
College and Career Readiness

B.A. in Speech and Communication Studies (English Minor), San Francisco State University
M.A. in Communication Studies, San Jose State University
California Single Subject Teaching Credential - English


B.A. English, UC Berkeley


K-12 Math & Science
SAT Math


​Early Childhood, K-8 all subjects

Charlie is a Bay Area native who discovered a passion for STEM at an early age. They enjoy puzzles and increasing their mathematical knowledge, but most of all they enjoy sharing their knowledge with others through teaching. Charlie has an A.S. in Mathematics as well as Physics from Foothill College and recently graduated with a BA in Mathematics for Teaching at SFSU.
When not practicing math and physics, Charlie likes to listen to and play music. Their favorite instrument is the ukulele, but they are also learning to play the guitar, mandolin, and drums.



B.S. Astrophysics, UC Santa Cruz

Eric was born and raised in the Sacramento area, then moved to the Bay Area shortly after high school. After spending time traveling, he decided to return to school to pursue his passion for literature. Once enrolled at UC Berkeley, Eric steeped himself in the environment of learning by studying creative writing, poetry, and Spanish in addition to literature. He created exchange groups for studying languages and offered tutoring for classmates as well.

It was at University that Eric fully realized his love for learning and his passion for helping others to achieve their academic goals. He lives for the moment when a student's face lights up with the mastery of a new idea. When not absorbed in a book, Eric enjoys writing, playing music, rock climbing, vegetarian cooking, and traveling--especially to destinations where he can practice his Spanish.

The Right Approach was founded in 2010 by Jamie Govoni. ​​Jamie is a graduate of the University of Vermont's prestigious child education program. She was named Student Teacher of the Year in 2002 by university faculty. Jamie moved to California in 2003 and taught middle school for four years. After becoming disenchanted with the state's insistence on teaching children based on standardized testing, Jamie sought alternative teaching methods. She has combined her training from a Bay Area Waldorf teaching program with her knowledge of traditional teaching styles, along with teaching students with learning disabilities, and SAT/ACT English and writing. She also has an ages 3-5 Montessori certificate, which helps when teaching her own small children at home.



B.A. Education, University of Vermont

CA Certified Teaching Credential 

Waldorf Teacher Training, NAMC

Montessori Early Childhood Diploma 

Laureen Mercer


All Subjects (K-8), Writing & Literature (High School)

About Us

The Right Approach to Education provides Waldorf inspired 1-1 and small group tutoring to students in grades K-12 and beyond. We are a dedicated staff of credentialed teachers and specialists who work to understand the needs of each learner who walks through our doors. We integrate all learning styles and teach through movement, visual aids, music, and hands-on activities. This approach is so effective, we now work with students from over 50 Bay Area schools, and have helped over a thousand families in not only academics, but also test preparation and education consultation.

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