The Right Approach To Education

3. Summer Workshop - Available June–August

10-hour workshop for students and families. Learn what to do—and what to avoid—when visiting and applying to colleges. 

1. Comprehensive Package - Begins spring of junior year

Our most popular program includes 30 hours of prepaid 1-1 sessions carefully designed to ensure completion of all steps from start to finish, step-by-step. 

The Best Time to Start Preparing for College is Now

Laureen Mercer

College Advisor

Pave Your Path to College Success with The Right Approach

“We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with such a lovely, professional, highly skilled group of credentialed educators who are igniting a passion for learning in my son. TRA is a jewel of a center that provides a rich & unique service to the community. I highly recommend The Right Approach to Education to everyone seeking to sync their child, or burgeoning young adult, into their self-confidence and self-esteem to catapult them academically wherever they need extra support and experience.” - Nadine (Parent)

Eric Elsea

College Advisor

2. On-the-Go - Sessions as-needed

Need just essay help? Our on-the-go program offers the high-quality support of the comprehensive program, but with the freedom to schedule sessions on an as-needed basis with an hourly rate. 

“My son Matthew has been working with Manuel for over a year with amazing results.  Manuel helped Matt with the entire college application process, helped him to prepare and significantly improve his ACT scores, and guided him through the essay and completion of every form necessary to get into a highly respected college.  My son got into every college he applied to and he also was accepted at his reach college. I cannot say enough great things about Manuel and The Right Approach's system." -Denise (Parent)

College applications mentorship at The Right Approach is about finding your student's unique path.

Your professional college tutor works closely with your student to get the most out of every step, from finding best-fit colleges to crafting powerful personal statements. 

Take advantage of our mentorship programs where we take students through the process step-by-step


1. Personal Kaleidoscope: Discovering your unique voice​

2. College List: Finding your right fit

3. Bridge to Success: Identifying and completing every college-specific requirement

4. Essay Mentorship: Self-discovery through writing

5. Final Look: Preparing your whole application for submission

​Meet the Team​

​College Applications Service​​

“Eric helped me through the process of writing my essays by talking about ideas and what I wanted to show the admissions officer. Eric also helped me prepare for my SAT, which I got a 1550 on. While Eric helped me get the scores I needed to be highly competitive, he was instrumental in making me stand out as an applicant in a pool of thousands.” - Alex (Attends Cornell)

​11th-12th Grad​e Programs

Client ​Testimonials

Christina Gonzalez

​College Advisor

"The Right Approach to Education is very hands-on, personal, and specific on what I needed to do in order to improve, whether it was testing, college prep, or AP classes. They helped me with any academic problems that I had and helped me to excel in my studies. The Right Approach does a fantastic job at allowing students to explore their interests in a kind, nurturing environment while adhering to the student's needs.” - Diego (Attends Stanford)