​- Delaney Archer, TRA Student & UCSB Student

As a Junior from Saint Francis High School, Delany attended TRA’s small group test preparation program to learn concepts and test-taking strategies. The group dynamic and personal attention from TRA staff gave her the tools she needed to prepare for the SAT. Delaney's test scores went up over 300 points as a result of her preparation with us.
Delaney was accepted to all her top choice schools; University of
Oregon, Willamette University, Fordham University, University of San
Diego, George Washington University, Cal Poly University - San
Luis Obispo, Reed College, and UC Santa Barbara. She currently attends UC Santa Barbara and is majoring in finance.

Gregory Patanzis

TRA Parent

"I can't thank the team at The Right Approach enough for taking my son under their wing. He has really bonded with his mentor and tutor Manuel. In such a short time since starting, his confidence and self-esteem have considerably improved. He looks forward to working there each week and I feel so blessed to have found them. Without this extraordinary program, my son would not be the happy, motivated individual that he is today. I don't know what we would do without Jamie and all her care. It really is such a support to me and my son financially, emotionally, and mentally. I could not afford it otherwise. In just one hour of attending a class, there is transformation and progress that compares to none." - Koa's Mother

​TRA Parent

"I, first of all, want to thank you and your team for assisting us in getting Grant through these past 2 years. We really could not have done it without you and your expert team's dedication and commitment to helping Grant achieve his dream. You'll be delighted to know he will be attending the University of Oregon with a major in business. You were a part of helping me launch my beautiful bird. I'm planning to watch him soar! Thank you from the depths of my being!" -  Renee (Grant's Mother)

​TRA Student

"I would like to thank both of you [TRA Teachers Kara & Jimena] for helping me improve my SAT score and also for helping me achieve my goal. My SAT score has improved by 300 points, and I am so thankful for you helping me improve my score. Thank you again for helping me!"

- Aman S.

- Samantha Perez, TRA Student & Recent Santa Clara University Graduate

​TRA Parent

"THANK YOU so much for working with Maddy the past two months on her ACT Preparation. Maddy felt good about the actual test and used many of the techniques you taught her at The Right Approach on her ACT test. Once again, THANK YOU for all your teaching techniques and knowledge. It made Maddy feel more confident while taking the ACT Test!" - Alissa R. (Maddy's Mother)

TRA Parent

"Lilly was an exceptional teacher and her thoughtful and articulate summary is appreciated. I sat in the waiting area during every session and heard the enthusiasm and energy in her voice. She could instill passion for literature in almost anyone. Her clarity of thinking and communicating was impressive. Her youthfulness only served to further the connection she forged with Niko. Please tell her that I am very impressed and thankful that Niko enjoyed his time with her and will surely be better for it." - Niko's Mom

​Grant Holmes

​Delaney Archer

-​ Gregory Patanzis, TRA Student & Cal Poly SLO Student

Diego Dew

The Right Approach To Education

TRA Student Success

Lilly Johnson

​“My overall experience at TRA was wonderful.  TRA gave me all the tools I needed to succeed in both middle school and high school. Not only was I given amazing teachers, but also the mental support and encouragement I needed to achieve my academic goals.”

- Grant Holmes, TRA Student & U of Oregon Student

Gregory first came to TRA in the fall of 2015. Determined and hard-working, Gregory took full advantage of our test preparation and college application services. After months of practice and several sessions dedicated to learning and practicing test preparation strategies for the ACT, Gregory increased his ACT score an amazing 12 points above his initial practice exam! Not only did Gregory improve his ACT scores, but also he succeeded in getting accepted to his top college choice – Cal Poly, SLO. Gregory’s story illustrates just how valuable the personalized approach at TRA is when it is matched with someone as dedicated as Gregory. In our interview with him, Gregory explained that his success is in large part a direct result of TRA’s personalized approach to his learning style. Most importantly perhaps, Gregory articulates how he learned skills that will serve him well in any future endeavors.

“The teachers I worked with the most were Jamie and Angela. I had Angela for Pre-Calculus help and SAT Math and Science. Jamie helped me in my studying techniques, organizational skills, and SAT English and Reading Comprehension. I am the type of student who gets bored and unfocused quickly and easily, and my teachers were able to recognize this right off the bat.  

Jamie and Angela knew I would require more unconventional methods to retain the information, so they came up with a more interactive and fun way to teach me. I really appreciated that they tailored their teaching style to fit my learning style, and it helped me become a better student.”

​Since fall 2011, Woodside Priory High School Alumni, Lilly Johnson has been an active student at TRA. She came to TRA for help with HSPT and SAT test-taking strategies for the math and writing sections. As an active student at Woodside Priory, she played for her school volleyball team, volunteered at various non-profits, and is an avid tutor as well! Through her hard work and dedication to her education, she integrated the alternative teaching methodologies and guidance from TRA teachers in her studies and standardized test examinations. In the spring of 2016, she accepted her offer at Scripps College, a women’s college in Southern California and part of the Claremont Colleges system. She will be studying film and English.

As a student at Serra High School, Grant came to TRA hoping to boost his test-taking strategies, overall comprehension, and mastery of his school subjects. Grant gained a great relationship with TRA teachers Manuel and Joseph, and he developed a great work ethic and relationship with his TRA mentors. He found TRA's individualized approach effective and made his experience "efficient" at TRA. Grant is now attending the University of Oregon and he appreciates TRA's expertise and dedication to his educational success!

​Samantha Perez

TRA Parent

"We have enjoyed being with The Right Approach and thank you and your team for the great service you provide for the students and their families. Continued success and growth to your organization in the years ahead. We will certainly recommend TRA to other families with younger children."

- Garner H. (Graham's Mother)

TRA Parent

"Our daughter was tutoring with Angela for AP Calculus this past Spring and just received her AP exam results... she passed with a 4! We are totally blown away with this result and are fully aware that this would not have been possible without the exemplary tutelage from Angela and the rest of The Right Approach team. Thank you so very much for all the effort you put into Kiana. We are beyond thankful!" 

- Ingrid & Buddy, (Kiana's Parents)

Parent & Student Testimonials

​Since fall 2014, Hillsdale High School student Diego Dew thought he knew his limitations as a student and test-taker.  After taking the initiative and enrolling in tutoring programs that did not work out, Diego came to TRA for help in reading comprehension, SAT test-taking strategies, math, and writing. Utilizing TRA's Drop-in Homework Help program, 1-1 subject support, SAT/ACT Nights, small group classes, and our 1-1 test preparation options, Diego was able to find focus and motivation through the alternative teaching methodologies and guidance from TRA teachers. He views the importance of education as pivotal in becoming a well-rounded individual, having a sense of empathy, and developing an intercultural understanding of his world around him in order to become successful in his career and life experiences.

- Diego Dew, TRA Student & Stanford Student

- Lilly Johnson, TRA Student & Scripps College Student